Fighter Class

The fighter class covers all versions of characters that use arms and armor in the land. Low level fighters are a common sight as guards, military and mercenaries. High level fighters might be gladiators, commanders or heroes. Dark warriors exists at any level leading brigands or in the employ of the servants of darkness.

As a fighter you have the ability to use any arms and armor with no limitation, you may use all magic items that are for fighters such as magic swords, shields and armor. Some alignment restrictions apply for some choices.

The fighter gets 2 skill choices from the fighter group and one skill from the general group.

EXP Bonus: ST 15 or more +10%, St 13 or 14 +5% * this is before any racial mods

HP: 1d10. If the fighters con is 15+ he rolls 1d12 and if less than 8 he rolls 1d8

Combat Bonus: Fighters add their ST/4 RD to all damage rolls and attack rolls with melee weapons.

Charge Attack: During a charge move the fighter can attack any enemy in his path, if the enemy is slain he can continue his move and if need be he can attack again is he moves next to another opponent.

Cleave: During any attack other than charge if the fighters attack kills his enemy he gets a free attack against any opponent within 5’, only one free attack per round.

Fighter Class

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